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Are you suffering from a Menopausal Disorder?

A number among the multiplication table, 7x7= 49, is something to which a middle-aged woman may want to pay close attention since Menopausal Symptom occurs around 50 years of age.

One of the major reasons for Menopause, simply put, is due to lack of blood. The amount of blood maintained from youth is reduced by natural aging, so the body reacts by cutting off blood needed for menstruation. Menopause is a natural process of aging, so it should be accepted naturally; it is not healthy to force menstruation by using dietary supplements, hormone drugs, etc. In regard to hormone drugs for females, there are strong arguments whirling in the current medical field for and against the effectiveness of such drugs. However, reflecting on my years of experience as a doctor of oriental medicine, I am in disagreement with the use of artificial method to forcibly restart menstruation. The key point is that if a considerable quantity of blood is artificially excreted from the body once a month when there is already a lack of blood, then blood from all parts of the body including the organs will be insufficient, causing body tissues to become stiff. This especially affects the tissues of the breasts, and there is a high probability of the tissues becoming stiff due to the close relationship between menstruation and breasts. This process is known as breast calcification which can eventually lead to breast cancer; this process supports the claim that the use of hormone drugs for females leads to a high risk of breast cancer.

One of the major causes of menopause, as stated before, is due to a lack of blood, and the symptom from this cause is known as consumptive fever in oriental medicine, otherwise known as hot flush. A natural remedy to consumptive fever is to take herbal medicine. Herbal medicine replenishes blood while reducing fever, so it works well in controlling hot flush from menopause. In addition, herbal medicine strengthens bones and muscles while replenishing marrow and refilling blood in the organs, so it is an optimal choice for treating menopause without side effects.

Your face heats up frequently. You start to have depressing thoughts frequently.

You forget where you left your personal belongings. Your body fatigues easily and you feel weak.

You become anxious and nervous. Your shoulders, knees, back, and other joints are frequently sore.

You have hard time falling asleep, tossing and turning in your bed. You become sensitive to trivial concerns.

Your skin texture and hair become dry. You excrete urine unintentionally.

You become irritated frequently because you feel tense. You spontaneously become hot or cold.

You constantly feel dizzy.

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